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Our Guiding Principles –
Sustainability at Piepenbrock

Acting Sustainably
Our guiding principles are the ba­sis for a sustainable and success­ful development of Piepenbrock. Our corporate acting is based on the three pillars of sustainability and therefore pursues economic, ecological and social goals likewi­se. We want to be measured by a requirements profile which is formed by the needs of our stake­holders. Hence, we keep their de­mands in mind in order to support them as a long-time partner.
Acting Economically
We gain the trust of our customers and employees by the quality of our day-by-day work. Our syste­matic, professional and integrated management system is geared to our business processes and implemented into the entire com­pany. We understand the compre­hensive certification according to ISO 9001:2008 as an obligation.
With our strength of financial sour­ces we guarantee that our custo­mers can rely on a solid partner even in economically difficult times. We support a close and fair relationship to our customers. Customer satisfaction and custo­mer proximity are the highest pri­orities for us.
We consider oursel­ves as a “learning organisation”, which capitalises on potentials for optimisation. Therefore our experts check established pro­cesses, products and procee­dings continuously. We accom­plish innovative solutions with a measurable economic benefit by high service and product quality, adherence to schedules as well as competent teamwork with our employees and customers.
Acting Ecologically
We actively admit to our coope­rate responsibility for the envi­ronment. With our programme “Piepenbrock Goes Green” we organise internal processes as well as services and products in all business areas in a more environmentally-friendly way. For this reason we provide an active contribution to environmental pro­tection. CO2-neutral services and products are our vision.
To ensure a sustainable develop­ment of our environment we have set company-wide ecological goals. We continuously work on avoiding environmental impair­ment. We motivate our emplo­yees to a sustainably protect the environment both at work and at home. They take part in regular instructions and advanced trai­nings. Only sensitisation supports comprehending environmental protection interests.
Acting Socially
People are at the centre of our ac­tivities – as our customer, our em­ployee or as part of society. Our economic goals are based on the responsibility for our employees. They are our most important re­source. We are aware of the res­ponsibility for them and strive after a long-term collaboration. There­fore, we provide comprehensive opportunities for qualification and individual career perspectives.
Work and health protection is an important part of our integrated management system which is re­gularly checked by internal and external audits. For continuous improvement of our work and health protection, we work close­ly together with manufacturers, suppliers, trade associations, re­search institutes and authorities.
Piepenbrock admits responsibility for its cooperate acting towards employees and the society every day. We regard our social enga­gement and support of sports, research, art and culture as basic values of our business culture.