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History – a tradition of progress

1913 – August Etgeton founds a „window cleaning Institute” in Osnabrueck.

1945 – After the death of August Etgeton, the second generation in person of Eduard Piepenbrock takes over the business activities.

1955 – Dr. h. c. Hartwig Piepenbrock joins the company. Under his leadership, the company develops into a nationwide operating service provider. Greening, security services, industrial maintenance, technical facility services, catering- and business-related services are part of the scope of services.

1960 – In the 1960s, 650 employees generate a turnover of 3.5 million DM. In the following years, Piepenbrock builds up a nationwide network of subsidiaries by growth and acquisitions.

1977 – Piepenbrock takes over the company Giese Gebäudereinigung. This acquisition results in a doubling of annual turnover from 50 to 100 million DM.

1989 – Piepenbrock extends its business activities to the newly-formed German States.

2000 – At the beginning of the new century, Dr. h. c. Hartwig Piepenbrock hands over the management responsibility to the family members Arnulf Piepenbrock, Olaf Piepenbrock and Astrid Hamker as well as two non-family managers, Wilhelm Giertler and Paul Richter.

2007 – Piepenbrock employs more than 25,000 employees and is represented with 60 subsidiaries at more than 800 locations.

2009 – Opening of the Piepenbrock Technology Center, a modern training center for the cleaning trade.

Piepenbrock is involved in numerous initiatives in art, culture, science and politics and thereby expresses its corporate responsibility for the development, productivity and social balance of the society.

Astrid Hamker leaves the company as managing associate.

2010 – The comprehensive sustainability activities are bundled under the motto “Piepenbrock goes green”. At the same time, the company takes on 63 sponsorships for socially disadvantaged children in Laos in cooperation with the children’s relief organization Plan International.

2011 – The first Hartwig Piepenbrock DZNE Prize for excellent research in the field of neurodegenerative diseases is awarded to the internationally renowned Prof. Konrad Beyreuther.

Piepenbrock publishes the first sustainability report.

On the occasion of the trade fair Interpack 2011, a CO2-neutral packaging machine is presented for the first time under the quality label “carbon neutral packaging”.

2012 – Piepenbrock grows organically and employs more than 27,000 employees as per 1st January 2012.

2013 – Hartwig Piepenbrock, managing director of the company for many years, dies at the age of 76 years.

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