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Piepenbrock Management

Piepenbrock Management

As a fourth-generation family firm, we are proud that our shareholders are actively involved in the management of the company. The owners are supported by two non-family directors who have both worked for Piepenbrock for many years. We place great importance on continuity – we preserve the ability to conquer new challenges.

Olaf Piepenbrock, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Industry, Maintenance and Security

Arnulf Piepenbrock, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman, Facility Management and Contract Cleaning

Wilhelm Giertler, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Finance

Paul Richter, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Personnel and Controlling

Piepenbrock management
From left to right: Wilhelm Giertler (CFO), Olaf Piepenbrock (Chief Executive Officer and Chairman), Paul Richter (COO), Arnulf Piepenbrock (Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman)