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Ecology –<br>Piepenbrock Goes Green

Ecology –
Piepenbrock Goes Green

Partnership for the environment

“Commitment starts right outside our door. As an owner-managed family company and leading provider of infrastructural and technical services, we are obligated to contribute to environmental protection”, explain Arnulf and Olaf Piepenbrock, CEOs and chairmen of Piepenbrock Group, accordingly. The vision of these entrepreneurs: CO2-neutral services.
Piepenbrock generates growth

With an innovative and sustainable campaign, we offer our customers a concrete opportunity to make a tangible contribution to active environmental protection. As part of the “Growth” campaign, we plant trees in recognition of new turnover generated through our clients in the nature park Stechlin in Ruppiner Forest, where we cultivate our firm-owned forest Rheinshagen. We guarantee the planting with an individual certificate for our customers.
Reduction of CO2 emissions

According to the motto “Piepenbrock Goes Green”, we continually optimise the CO2 emissions and energy consumption of our fleet with more than 1,000 vehicles. Also digitalisation and centralised data management contribute to the protection of resources. Since 2008 the digitalisation has minimised paper and transport routes. We live the motto “Piepenbrock Goes Green”. This is shown by our innovative “Piepenbrock Online Learning”. This form of advanced training reduces journeys through providing content over the internet.
Environmentally-friendly cleaning services

Our affiliated company Planol supports environmental protection by the development of biodegradable and high efficient cleaning agents. Through the continuous feedback from the products’ application in cleaning services, Piepenbrock combines thinking on the environment with product development and optimisation.

As these examples show, responsible companies can contribute to sustainable environmental protection. This way we are setting another clear signal as the market leader in our branch. A partnership with Piepenbrock guarantees high-quality services and generates a unique ecological surplus value. We stake our name on it.
“carbon neutral packaging”

Under the label “carbon neutral packaging”, our affiliated companies LoeschPack and Hastamat produce CO2-neutral packaging machines. Both companies compensate the emissions of their added value process by climate protection projects. This is confirmed by an official certificate of a neutral, third party. Additionally, LoeschPack and Hastamat plant trees in the Piepenbrock Forest. This way, we realise the CO2-neutral operation of our machines at customer’s sight. As a result, we offer a double contribution to environmental protection.