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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Cooperation Plan International
Since December 2010 we are committed to needy children in Laos and cooperate with the international relief organisation Plan International. Thereby, our branches and affiliated companies take over 63 sponsorships permanently supporting self-help projects in the district Pak Tha.
Laosis ranked 133rd on the Development Index of United Nations and suffers from poverty and missing infrastructure. “Due to their age and specific living condition, children are vulnerable, in need of protection and of an environment, where they can develop healthily and freely”, explains Arnulf Piepenbrock the company commitment.
This support is guaranteed by our sponsorship with the international relief organisation Plan International, which operates in 48 countries and supervises 1.2 million sponsorships worldwide. Donations are used for self-help projects at sight sustainably optimising the children’s living conditions.
The cooperation is based on efficient work with children and communities in the district Pak Tha. A personal connection to the children is established by regular correspondence. Plan International informs about all developments concerning our children. In the future, we will carry out more actions to collect donations and expand our commitment.
Commitment to sports

Sports unite people of every age and generation and transmit the thinking of fairness. Therefore Piepenbrock supports sports initiatives and strengthens our society.
Piepenbrock sponsors VfL Osnabrück
For 97 years Piepenbrock’s headquarters have been based in Osnabrück. Thus, it is needless to say that Piepenbrock has been supporting local VfL Osnabrück for many decades. As president, Hartwig Piepenbrock was responsible for the development of the club for many years (1971-1996). Until the year 2004 even the stadium had been named “Piepenbrock Stadium at Bremer Brücke”.
Today Piepenbrock still co-sponsors VfL Osnabrück. Since season 2010/2011 the perimeter advertising at the stadium proves our commitment to the best football club in the world. In this way, Piepenbrock supports sports and people in the region of Osnabrück.
We wish the best of luck!
Piepenbrock sponsors Dresden Marathon
Dresden Marathon is a sporty highlight for every marathon runner. Each year, thousands of runners are starting the Marathon through Dresden surpassing its unique sights like Frauenkirchen and Semperoper. Three distances lead across the Elbe, lively pub districts and many bridges of the city.
Piepenbrock sponsors Dresden Marathon and supports regional sports and the Saxony region. Since the early 1990s Piepenbrock has been a successful employer in the new German states, so that it is a matter of honour to partner with this event.
By the way:
Arnulf and Olaf Piepenbrock, CEOs and chairmen of Piepenbrock Group, are passionated sportsmen. Therefore, our commitment is a matter of heart.
Honorary commitment
We feel obliged to culture and society. For many years, financial, personal and honorary support have been part of this commitment – as well as an own foundation.
We are committed to pupils. Within the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship NFTE Germany, we support initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship of teenagers on the base of a curriculum.
Cultural Commitment
For more than 20 years, the Hartwig Piepenbrock Foundation awarded one of the highest endowed sculpture prises in Europe to artists like Max Bill, Eduardo Chillida and Rebecca Horn.
The yearly awarded Piepenbrock sponsorship award for arts at the University of Osnabrück is another example for our cultural commitment. Other examples are the Foundation for the support of Dresden Semperoper and Concert Hall in Berlin.

Picture: Plan International Deutschland e.V.