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You can count on us to continue making improvements.

You can count on us to continue making improvements.

Innovation means utilising potential. Suggestions for optimising processes and structures are evaluated and examined. The overall goal is to make progress. We have adhered to the principle of ‘progress rooted in tradition’ since 1913, and this has kept us on the right track for more than 100 years.

Innovation means continued progress through innovation. We do this by introducing new processes which are comprehensively and precisely tested in advance. We also do this when we are developing cleaning agents to meet our needs and yours at our Planol subsidiary. And of course we also take into account the needs of the environment because we are also committed to using environmentally friendly products.

Innovation also means being a sought-after partner. For our suppliers, as a market leader, we set standards and identify trends. Reliability is the basis for our partnership – for our suppliers and for our clients, because only together we are strong.

The common goal of our innovation projects is not simply to improve profitability. Only by also taking into account environmental aspects and social responsibility we are acting in accordance with the Piepenbrock principle of sustainability.