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Professional Cleaning Services from Piepenbrock. We are on site for our clients anywhere at any time with 63 subsidiaries, 800 sites and more than 25.000 employees. 

Our centralised technical management is unique within the industry. More than 50 qualified and approved cleaning experts are available to ensure the smooth planning of major and special projects and continual improvement of performance through the exchange of experiences, process innovation and reorganisation of tasks. For you, Cleaning Services from Piepenbrock means high quality – at a fair price.

In accordance with our principle of showing ‘one face to the customer’ our clients are always able to count on a responsible and reliable contact partner. As our ‘entrepreneurs in the company’, our branch managers have our mandate. They represent a long-term, trusting relationship with our clients and enable rapid decision-making and flexibility thanks to the flat organisational structure.

Our Piepenbrock Technology Centre

Innovation is defined as continued progress through developments. We do this by introducing new procedures such as our Piepenbrock Technology Centre.

Practical knowledge is of enormous importance for a professional cleaner. Modern cleaning processes, technical specifications as well as the handling of machines and equipment – all these are subjects that are of great importance in the everyday life of client account managers and cleaning personnel. Establishing the Piepenbrock Technology Centre has allowed us to invest in the future, creating a unique 210-m² training site for our employees. Developed in close collaboration with Technical Management from the Piepenbrock headquarter, trainees now have the opportunity to simulate real situations and to work with all the equipment, machines, cleaning textiles and chemicals used at Piepenbrock. This guarantees you effective performance.

In choosing Piepenbrock, you are deciding in favour of a family-run company that places great value on continuity and long-term partnership. Concentrate on your core process and put your trust in Piepenbrock.

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