Maintenance according to DIN 31051

Maintenance according to DIN 31051


Our servicing measures comprise everything required for the long-term maintenance of a defined condition of your machinery, plant and equipment, e.g. industrial cleaning, fluid management or regulation and adjustment. In order to achieve the required functionality and availability, we undertake regular servicing in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications and servicing schedules. When conducting these measures, we always take into account your changing operation-specific processes and conditions.

Our range of fluid management services includes the addition of coolant, degreasing, oil care including changing oil and the complex care of centralised lubrication systems and equipment.


In order to guarantee a high level of operational reliability and availability for your machinery, plant and equipment, regular inspections are required to monitor the technical status and to determine whether any actions need to be taken. These inspections are based on manufacturers’ specifications, inspection plans and technical documentation, which Piepenbrock adapts to your fluctuating operating situation and optimises according to the results of the inspections conducted. If necessary, the various processes of the ‘technical system diagnosis’ (vibration diagnosis, thermal imaging, ultrasonic testing, etc.) are used. When this is the case, we work with authorised engineering firms and specialists.

We plan and document the inspections in the Piepenbrock Maintenance Data Analysis System (PIHDAS). The client receives a report on the results along with statements on the current technical status and technical safety. We forecast the remaining operating- and lifetime and specify any necessary maintenance.


Non-functioning components, modules, etc. in machinery, plants and equipment can be replaced either during scheduled repairs (planned downtime) or unscheduled repairs (correction of faults), thereby restoring full functionality. If you wish, we undertake troubleshooting on complex machinery, plants and equipment in conjunction with specialists from various trades within very short response times. This guarantees you minimum downtime, high quality workmanship and low maintenance costs.

Thanks to ongoing vulnerability management based on a special Piepenbrock Maintenance Data Analysis System (PIHDAS), recurring faults are avoided, the causes of faults are consistently corrected and follow-up maintenance costs in particular are minimised.

If necessary, we independently undertake both scheduled and unscheduled repairs, including all preparatory and clean-up work. This also includes the procurement/provision of spare and consumable parts as well as the use of any necessary testing and measuring technology and/or specialists.


Continuous improvements to systems increase the operating and functional reliability of machinery, plants and equipment. Thanks to experience gained from full-service maintenance, comprehensive vulnerability management and the transfer of knowledge from the Piepenbrock maintenance network, we are able to guarantee you continual improvements to your systems.

Corresponding improvement potential is determined, proposed solutions are devised, and measures that are defined in consultation with you are implemented to improve results.