As your strategic partner, we use our full-service maintenance package to comprehensively and fully safeguard the primary processes of our customers. We take responsibility for your production process – with an individual concept in accordance with your requirements and goals. Using the Piepenbrock progress report, we work with you to review the improvements achieved and measures to be taken as a result of the pro-active maintenance.

We are also the right partner for the bundling of all secondary processes for the management of your entire property. We are able to offer integrated facility management thanks to the expertise available at Piepenbrock. We handle everything, from general cleaning to complex technical support for your production engineering and property.

This may include servicing, inspections and repairs as individual or as long-term services. We can also supply and operate utility equipment (e.g. steam generators, compressed air systems, medium voltage equipment, transformers, etc.). In this way, we guarantee constant availability in the event of a breakdown (e.g. through an on-call service).

Choose Piepenbrock as your partner for service from a single source and you will benefit from the associated cost and performance synergies.

Facility Management

We take
for your property.