Emergency service control centre

Emergency service control centre

The emergency service control centre (ESCC) is the heart of Piepenbrock Sicherheit GmbH + Co. KG. This is where all the operational information from around the country is brought together before being accurately channeled and communicated to the responsible experts and managers. All alarm messages are also received here, after which they get handled as agreed. This department is also responsible for the coordination of our patrol vehicles and the monitoring of individual workplaces. The final service available from our ‘communications stronghold’ is the installation of a support-intensive client hotline for facts and subjects which require explanation.

For your security: Architecturally designed to be burglar-proof and connected to its own independent power supply, only specially trained, long-term employees who have been precisely vetted work in this high security area. This area is managed by an ESCC specialist registered with and approved by VdS.

All analogue and digital alarm systems currently available on the market can be connected to our centre. Remote real-time video monitoring is also possible.
Our emergency service control centre is approved by VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH and certified for ‘operation of an emergency service control centre in classes A, B and C with integrated intervention’ (VdS 2153 and 2172).

An overview of our ESCC services:

  • Emergency call service
  • Client hotline
  • Alarm connection
  • Remote monitoring of fire, burglar, hold-up and hazard alert alarms as well as intervention