Clean room cleaning by Piepenbrock – Your partner for an all-round service

Clean room cleaning is a sensitive task, one that requires the relevant knowledge and application expertise. Any third-party authorized to carry out this work is trusted to have the necessary skills and capability. Investing your trust in Piepenbrock is thus a wise decision! The clean room specialist department is your expert partner for all clean room services, ranging from contract cleaning to more specialised tasks, as well as air lock services. All of which are carried out in accordance with ISO 14644 and VDI 2083 standards, as well as the GMP guidelines. The experts at Piepenbrock have years of experience, as well as comprehensive knowledge and the practical know-how. Working closely with our customers, we compile concepts, work instructions and documents that are tailored to individual requirements and specifications. The specialist department currently cleans approximately 70,000 square metres of clean room space in all GMP and ISO categories. The Piepenbrock clean room team regularly attends training courses and coaching sessions in the company's own academy, and is thus optimally prepared to meet the special requirements of the various industries and clean room classes.

Are you looking for a reliable partner? Benefit from an individual consultation and find out more about our professional clean room concepts. Our experts will be more than happy to provide information and advice. We can also provide you with a personalised offer. Get in touch with us today!

Experience and expertise for a standard of quality you can rely on

Piepenbrock's clean room team achieves the best possible results by focussing on your production methods and work processes. When creating service specifications and hygiene plans, we take your internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) into consideration. Precise workplace instructions are drawn up for the respective employees and documentation is adjusted to your individual requirements. With our internal audits, the services we deliver are continuously monitored. With an ever increasing standard of quality expected, clean room services are becoming more complex. For this reason, our clean room employees are provided with regular training, held both on-site and in the company's own academy. The relevant standards and requirements are the basis of the training provided.

Piepenbrock provides an all-round service

At Piepenbrock, we provide you with an all-round service. Our services range from contract cleaning and the various regular specialised cleaning jobs, such as double floors or return ventilation zones, to the air lock service, as well as the training and coaching of our employees. Thus covering the entire GMP and ISO scope – regardless of clean room class.

Contract cleaning

Contract cleaning involves decontaminating and disinfecting rooms of all clean room classes in accordance with ISO 14644-1 and the GMP guidelines – adhering to your specifications and in clearly defined intervals. We place great emphasis on complying with these, as well as all other relevant guidelines. Where necessary, we integrate neutral cleaning and sporicidal disinfection into our hygiene plans. Our clean room team regularly attends training courses and coaching sessions in the company's own academy, meaning they are optimally prepared to meet the special requirements of the various industries and clean room classes.

Air lock service

Our air lock service involves supplying your personnel transfer areas with the necessary products, such as fleece covers, mouth protection or gloves. Drawing on our many years of experience, we will be more than happy to help with your selection of clothing and disposables.

Training and coaching

We have many years of experience in the cleaning of ISO and GMP clean rooms. Our training is based on the specifications of the current VDI 2083, ISO 14644 guidelines, as well as the GMP guidelines. Our employee training covers a broad spectrum of topics: from the organisation and function of a clean room to the causes of contamination, clean room conduct, dressing techniques and clean room cleaning, as well as a basic knowledge of microbiology. We will be more than happy to provide in-house coaching for your employees in accordance with your individual requirements.

Specialised cleaning

Our special services comprise all types of cleaning – from precision and ultra-fine cleaning to end cleaning. We ensure your clean room returns to its original state after maintenance or “shutdown”. Services carried out on a regular basis, such as system and double floor cleaning, as well as the cleaning of roof cavities, round off the range of offers.

The Piepenbrock Training Centre for Clean Room Cleaning

Piepenbrock experts have comprehensive specialised knowledge and application expertise– and are happy to share this with others. The clean room specialist department has established its own centre for special clean room training. In the company's own training centre, the clean room team not only provides its own employees with training, but also employees from other companies, optimally preparing them for this demanding specialist task. Qualified clean room personnel are the key to successfully providing this professional service. Piepenbrock thus pays particular attention to employee training. Using tasks and exercises, the experts demonstrate the importance and value of this work and highlight the special requirements that need to be met in the clean room. An overview of the training on offer:

  • Organisation and functionality of a clean room
  • Standards and guidelines: ISO 14644, GMP and VDI 2083
  • Purity levels
  • Basics of microbiology
  • Causes of contamination and clean room conduct
  • Dressing techniques and clean room clothing
  • Material and personnel transfer areas
  • Criteria for entering a clean room
  • Hygiene
  • Hand disinfection and skin protection plan
  • Materials suitable for use in clean rooms
  • Quality assurance and documentation
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Requirements for clean room personnel
  • Cleaning techniques and methods

Taking current standards into consideration, national and international standards and guidelines, as well as clean room rules, we adapt our training to your specific cleaning requirements.

Our key to success in clean room cleaning

A collaboration with Piepenbrock has many advantages. We adapt our work to meet your individual requirements and develop tailored clean room concepts specifically with you in mind. Our principle of “One face to the customer” guarantees a simple and regular exchange. Find out more from our experts today!

Individual clean room concepts
Structured and technically sound SOPs, developed and coordinated together with you, are a prerequisite for attaining high quality standards in clean room cleaning. With decades of professional experience, Piepenbrock is more than able to successfully put this into practice. With our own, specially trained implementation managers, as well as comprehensive training and support concepts, we achieve optimum cleaning results.

Qualified and trained personnel
Clean room cleaning is a complex task, one that must be carried out by trained professionals, which is why Piepenbrock only uses specially trained employees for this task. Our clean room employees regularly attend training courses and coaching sessions in the company's own academy, meaning they are optimally prepared for meeting the special requirements of the various industries and clean room classes.

Your personal contact partner
According to our principle “One face to the customer”, the Piepenbrock clean room team is responsible for the management of all clean room cleaning tasks. We are your main contact partner, keeping you up-to-date and informed of all relevant issues.

Customer proximity thanks to a nationwide subsidiary network
When our customers need us, we are there. Piepenbrock has built up a close-knit network of 70 branches and 800 locations across Germany. Quick and flexible, our 27,100 employees perform your services directly on site.

A partner with expertise
Our clean room specialist department will be more than happy to answer your questions on cleaning procedures, utensils and disposables. We boast an extensive product portfolio and will gladly provide advice on the best products for your sector and for your individual requirements.

Contact and further information

Should you have any questions or require further information relating to our services, we will be more than happy to help. Get in touch with us today! We can also provide you with a quotation – individually tailored to your requirements. Do you want to know about other facility management services? We also provide services such as basic and contract cleaning.