Cleaning service from Piepenbrock: Tailored to requirements

A professional cleaning service helps to maintain the value of your property over time. A variety of cleaning services tailored to specific requirements, as well as cost-effective solutions for all types of premises, have made us Germany's number 1 cleaning service provider. 27,100 employees on average ensure close customer proximity. We provide the following services:

  • Contract cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Facade cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Construction cleaning
  • Basic cleaning
  • Hygienic cleaning
  • Transport cleaning
  • Dishwashing Service
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Specialised cleaning

Piepenbrock sets high standards when it comes to its cleaning services – and our experts in technical management ensure these standards are met. The latest trends for machinery, materials and procedures are assessed, large orders implemented and reorganised, compliance with quality and healthcare management requirements ensured, with responsibility also taken for sustainability. This unique offer, incorporating all industries and coupled with more than 100 years of experience in the service sector, enables us to provide an efficient, quality service at fair prices. Are you looking for a cleaning company that can offer you everything from individual to all-round services, largely carried out by the company itself? Then get in touch with us today!

Cleaning service – Piepenbrock delivers results

Dirt is matter out of place. Our cleaning service removes this matter professionally and efficiently. Piepenbrock not only maintains the value of the premises in question, but does its best to increase its value. To do this, professional procedures and cleaning agents are used, specifically selected for the job at hand. The company is also accessible to its customers, with an average of 27,100 employees cleaning at over 800 locations in Germany, affiliated with 70 branches, on approximately 2,500,000 square metres of space. Customers thus benefit from a uniquely high contribution from the company itself. 

Technical management ensures comparably high quality

Piepenbrock is not just any cleaning company, but one that offers cleaning services that meet a high quality standard. Guaranteed by a technical management team made up of experts from all industries. The focus is on innovation management, implementation, knowledge transfer, healthcare management and occupational safety, quality management and sustainability. The Piepenbrock Centre of Technology plays an important part. It is here, on approximately 200 square metres of test surfaces and training grounds, that new procedures and developments are put through their paces under realistic conditions. Find out more about Technical Management and our Centre of Technology.

Ecological cleaning service – Our contribution toward protecting the environment

Actively protecting our environment is a joint effort, one in which companies need to be consciously involved. Piepenbrock has integrated this sustainable approach into its core business for years. The family company is taking the next step together with its customers: the "Ecological cleaning service". A two-stage process analyses how environmentally-friendly the cleaning service carried out actually is.

1.    Data Collection
Piepenbrock views the services carried out as a whole using a predefined questionnaire.
2.    Assessment
A points system based on ecological factors is used to assess the collected data.

Customers receive an official certificate once a certain number of points has been reached. Regardless of the points achieved, detailed information will be provided on how the property can improve its ecological potential. If you are interested in an ecological cleaning service for your property, then get in touch with us today!

Home-grown cleaning agents

Valuable synergy effects have resulted from the collaboration with wholly-owned subsidiary Planol. Their products are specifically tailored to individual customer requirements. The cleaning agent manufacturer plays an important role within the Piepenbrock Group when it comes to achieving economic and ecological cleaning results. Under the Ecoplan label, Planol offers colour- and odourless cleaning agents and care products that meet the high environmental standards and are marked with the EU Ecolabel.  All Ecoplan products are non-labelled in accordance with the CLP regulation, tested by the Fresenius Institute and RAL-certified. Further information can be found on the Planol Website.

Our cleaning services for you

Our cleaning services for you

There is no second chance when it comes to a first impression. We make sure your surfaces are clean so that you, your employees and your customers feel comfortable at all times. This is guaranteed with the following professional services, all from the one source:

Contract cleaning

A regular cleaning service carried out at agreed intervals. Whether surfaces, floors or sanitary facilities – we will vacuum, mop, sweep and clean according to your individual requirements.

Window cleaning

Free from dust, streaks and water stains. Our window cleaning teams always have the washer, squeegee and swivel wiper to hand, professionally equipped to tackle all types of glazing and window frame, as well as completely eliminate those stubborn stains.

Façade cleaning

Part of the construction, the façade protects against environmental influences and is very much exposed to the elements. Old or new, in metal, glass or stone – Piepenbrock has the expertise and the equipment to remove dirt from any building or basic material.

Office cleaning

Office spaces are almost a second home for some. Employees inhabit them daily and perceive even the slightest change. They thus need to be cleaned punctually, thoroughly and with care. Employees with impeccable professional standards are used for daytime cleaning, prepped to ensure the activities of those present in the office are not disturbed. We have a pool of trained personnel who are more than qualified to meet these requirements.

Construction cleaning

Renovation work, as well as new building and conversions, often involve the use of heavy machinery: and any work that involves filling, drilling or brickwork generally causes a large-scale mess. Considerable caution needs to be taken when removing this debris, however, in order to avoid damaging the structure that has just been erected and its many surfaces. We have the expertise required to carry out both a general and more precise cleaning of your premises, using the necessary methods, materials and machinery.

Basic cleaning

Some stubborn stains refuse to disappear despite diligent and regular cleaning. On request, we can professionally renew conditioning films, or remove limescale and rust deposits, along with other residues, that have left unwanted marks on your surfaces.

Hygienic cleaning

The elimination of harmful germs is a top priority, particularly in sensitive locations such as sanitary facilities, operating theatres, retirement homes, food production facilities or other establishments with strict hygiene requirements. The utmost of care is essential in order to minimise risk potential and the spread of germs. We implement the preventive HACCP concept (hazard analysis and critical control points) and are ISO 9001-certified, thus leaving you free to get on with the job in an environment that is clean and hygienic.

Transport cleaning

Passengers are not only acutely aware of cleanliness on buses, trains and aeroplanes, but their health considerably depends on it also. Travellers share close quarters, including seats, fixtures, toilets and catering outlets, with a whole host of other guests. Piepenbrock has years of experience when it comes to transport cleaning, and can tailor solutions to meet your requirements for night cleaning, short downtimes and delays.

Dishwashing service

Any establishment that processes food is expected to meet the highest of hygienic standards. Especially in canteen kitchens or the food processing industry where infections can quickly develop and spread. We take care to eliminate the aggressive contaminants detrimental to surfaces, such as fruit acids, stubborn food residue and resinous fats, while at the same time seamlessly adapting to your work processes.

Specialised cleaning

We tackle the dirt and deliver immaculate results. Our special cleaning techniques perfectly complement our range of services, as varied as they are unusual. Do you need, say, cleaning services for clean rooms, carpeting, monuments, an event location, swimming pool, escalator or even IT equipment? Or are you interested in refining hard flooring or stone finishes with the twister method? Then Piepenbrock is the partner for you. We provide an all-round service that is tailored specifically to your requirements.

Customer benefits: Our success in cleaning services

Customer proximity thanks to our own heavy involvement
Customer-oriented services with a high standard of quality

Technical management
Innovative, hassle-free implementation and a standard of occupational safety verified and guaranteed by experts across Germany

Ecological cleaning service
Environmentally friendly approach to efficient methods and cost synergies

Extensive range of services
From the individual service and sector solutions to the complete package – all services tailored to your specific requirements

Contact and more information

Do you require further information? We will be more than happy to explain our services in detail. Get in touch today and find out more about how we can help! Are you looking for a service provider who can offer precise, meticulous and accurate services when it comes to clean rooms? Or, if you prefer, we can happily combine our services according to the principle of "one face to the customer". As a complete solutions provider in facility management, we can offer you additional maintenance, security services, park maintenance or winter services. Contact us today for your own individual offer!