Equipment inspection from Piepenbrock

Equipment inspection is mandatory for German companies. The law prescribes it for companies in order to ensure maximum occupational safety. Equipment must be inspected regularly for operational safety

  • portable equipment
  • stationary equipment
  • ladders and steps
  • racks
  • nursing and hospital beds
  • power-driven windows, doors and gates
  • welding equipment
  • electric chargers for electric vehicles (e-mobile charging columns)
  • blackboards
  • PPE against falls from a height

Occupational accidents can thus be avoided and damage prevented. Piepenbrock's inspection service conducts a wide range of equipment inspection and servicing tasks – so that you, your employees and property are best protected. No matter whether industrial or service companies, chain store operators with branches nationwide – inspection services by Piepenbrock for regular checks keeps them on the safe side. Rely on the expertise of a specialised service provider: no matter whether DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) Regulation 3 (formerly BGV A3), DIN EN 15635, DGUV Information 208-016 or ASR (Workplace Regulation) A1.7 (formerly BGR 232) – we are familiar with all the relevant standards and guarantee legally compliant inspection of your equipment, machinery, facilities and building services. We can also perform risk assessment TRBS (Technical Regulation for Operational Safety) 1111 for you. In doing so, we deploy only our own trained personnel with proven qualifications for the job. Electrical equipment inspections are performed exclusively by electricians at Piepenbrock.

The benefits of Piepenbrock equipment inspection for you

You can rely on Piepenbrock services for your maintenance jobs. Take advantage of our qualified personnel, speed of action, flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Deployment of our own qualified personnel using advanced measuring equipment
We only deploy qualified personnel for our inspection services. While other companies work with electrically instructed personnel, we opt for qualified know-how to ensure your safety. We offer comprehensive safety in combination with advanced portable measuring instruments.

Legally compliant documentation pursuant to the applicable laws and standards
Bar code capture, inventorising and assignment of the relevant inspection reports in a database – our documentation of inspection is both well-organised and legally compliant.

Flexibility and nationwide availability
Just a call away: our staff are at your service nationwide. We adapt our services to suit your needs and plan procedure with you. No matter whether you are a chain store operator, small or large company, we have the right solution for you.

Qualified personnel and modern equipment
Piepenbrock works exclusively with qualified personnel and advanced measuring equipment to guarantee you reliable inspection Services.

Cost transparency and efficiency
We offer a high standard of service at a fair price. You enjoy full cost control at all times thanks to an itemised breakdown of costs.

Our inspection trolleys ensure mobility: you don't have to come to us, we come to you to inspect your equipment. This saves time and increases the availability of your Equipment.

Piepenbrock performs equipment inspection for you

Do you have any questions about our services, or are you interested in other facility management services? We will be happy to assist you. We can also provide you with a personalised offer. As one of Germany's largest facility management providers Piepenbrock possesses the long-standing experience and necessary resources to optimally satisfy your requirements. Get in touch with us now.


One service provider for all equipment inspection jobs

We offer you all equipment inspection services from a single source – with expertise and speed of action, nationwide.

Inspection of stationary and portable electrical equipment

DGUV Regulation 3 (formerly BGV A3) of the German Social Accident Insurance prescribes inspection of all electrical equipment from computer monitors and power drills to mains adapters. Aside from portable equipment, stationary electrical machinery and facilities must also be regularly inspected for operational safety. In addition, medical equipment which is used in hospitals, senior citizen and care homes is also subject to regular inspection. Piepenbrock captures the details of every single piece of equipment by means of a barcode and files the details in an online database. Following visual inspection we use special software to measure protective earth and insulation resistance and contact electricity, for instance. The detailed results are fed directly into the database and any defective equipment is taken out of circulation. On successful inspection, our inspection engineers affix an inspection plate on the electrical devices, facilities and equipment. As customer, this inspection plate lets you know when the inspection period expires and the next inspection is due. You then receive a full inspection summary including all the inspection reports, and have thus fully satisfied all your obligations as an employer. We only deploy qualified electricians who are specially trained in inspection service requirements and are intimately acquainted with the standards. Find out more about the inspection of portable and stationary electrical equipment.

Inspection of ladders and steps

Technical equipment that is a potential source of danger also includes ladders and steps. Consequently, companies using this equipment are subject to mandatory inspection: visual and function checks of all ladders and steps must be performed regularly. We examine and document the legally compliant condition of your equipment. Find out more about the inspection of ladders and steps.

Inspection of power-driven windows, doors and gates

The Employers' Liability Insurance Association (BG) stipulates annual inspection of power-driven windows, doors and gates. This regulation applies without restriction to all companies. Piepenbrock performs these inspections on the basis of BG Directive "Power-driven Windows, Doors and Gates" BGR 232/DIN EN 12604 and DIN EN 124534. Our qualified personnel checks the safety and overall condition of your equipment. If you wish, we will also perform servicing, repair and maintenance for you. Our inspections keep you on the safe side! Find out more about the inspection of power-driven windows, doors and gates.

Piepenbrock as complete solutions provider in facility management

Piepenbrock provides facility management services from a single source. Are you not only interested in regular inspections, but also in our maintenance, cleaning or security services? Then we are the people to talk to. Benefit from the synergies that we, as a full-service provider, can offer. What can we do for you? Get in touch with us now.