Maintenance is a matter of trust

In order to hold their own among the competition, companies today need to be able to rely on everything functioning correctly. A comprehensive and tailored maintenance serviceguarantees optimum availability of technical equipment and installations. Piepenbrock supports its customers with a broad spectrum of individually tailored maintenance services. Whether it's servicing, inspections, repairs or improvements – the multitasking service provider ensures its customers can fully focus on their core business. This is possible thanks to the large pool of experienced electricians, mechanics and mechatronic engineers the company relies on. Piepenbrock provides its customers with a broad spectrum of maintenance services and is always expanding its service portfolio. The current range of services includes:

  • Industrial services
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Technical building service
  • Inspection service
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Maintenance on call
  • Machine tool service
  • Service on behalf of the manufacturer
  • Machine removals
  • Maintenance consulting

The company has a nationwide network of maintenance centres and, according to the Lünendonk® study, is ranked among the top 15 companies for industrial maintenance in Germany. Piepenbrock takes responsibility for the availability of the machinery, for the small and medium-sized company to the large concern. Find out more about how your company can benefit from our sustainable services, get in touch with us today and request a customised offer!

Reliable production with maintenance services from Piepenbrock

Maintenance refers to all measures taken to maintain the operational state of technical systems, devices and production facilities, or to restore them to this state following a failure. Piepenbrock can offer its customers a comprehensive range of maintenance services, providing support when it comes to optimising the availability and service life of machinery, equipment and building technology, as well as improving operational safety. In accordance with DIN standard 31051, maintenance comprises the four columns of servicing, inspection, repair and improvement. Piepenbrock does not offer its customer any products "off the shelf", but instead analyses the machinery and the processes used, before tailoring services to precisely meet individual requirements. With its qualified employees, master workers, technicians and engineers, Piepenbrock guarantees an efficient maintenance process.

Proactive solutions for the success of your company 

The systematic approach taken by Piepenbrock optimises the availability of the customer's equipment. The aim is to increase efficiency and reduce costs. This calls for a proactive solution, and not simply a response. First, the technical equipment and installations are classified in the course of a bottleneck analysis. Here, all machinery and installations are classified according to their importance for the production process. The thinking behind Piepenbrock's approach is anticipatory and a comprehensive maintenance strategy is developed on the basis of analyses that have been carried out. The company thus minimises the risk of unplanned equipment failure and optimises the availability of the machinery. Piepenbrock's concept of proactive maintenance focuses on a consistent management of weaknesses, as well as an ongoing process of improvement.

Always in close proximity to the customer 

Close proximity to the customer is important for Piepenbrock. For a company that takes responsibility for the manufacturing capability of its customer, maintaining a presence on site is extremely important. Decisions that can be made quickly guarantee prompt solutions. Regional maintenance centres and support offices facilitate the quick and flexible implementation of services, to the highest standard of quality. Piepenbrock is able to realise projects that appear at short notice just as reliably as the more comprehensive efforts at one or several locations. Customers can select individual service packages or authorise Piepenbrock with complete responsibility for all industrial services. The company can provide the right solutions for all orders imaginable.

Sustainable maintenance with the PIHDAS software solution 

Future-oriented, sustainable maintenance requires innovative engineering, detailed cost and error analyses, as well as a modern weakness management. Piepenbrock has, in close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF, thus developed its own maintenance data analysis system (PIHDAS). The maintenance software enables the company to detect and eliminate plant-related shortcomings, as well as critical issues. The maintenance planning and control system (IPS) helps to gradually improve the customer's manufacturing approach. Every scheduled service, inspection and repair is entered in the IPS system and disturbances are precisely documented. Based on the data collected, maintenance measures are planned to prevent any future disturbances and to increase equipment availability.

Our maintenance services for you

Piepenbrock can offer its customers a broad spectrum of maintenance services. The portfolio ranges from industrial service to mobile maintenance, inspection services and industrial cleaning to machine removal. Request a tailored offer from one of our maintenance experts today!

Industrial service

Piepenbrock's industrial services guarantee your business success, as well as greater machine availability. As a strategic partner, the company can offer a comprehensive maintenance service. This ranges from consulting services to industrial cleaning, inspection services, servicing and inspections, to the optimisation of production facilities.

Industrial cleaning 

Clean machinery and installations are essential for a smooth course of manufacture. Piepenbrock's extensive portfolio of various cleaning techniques will keep your production facilities in top condition. This is achieved with manual cleaning measures, as well as the technical dry ice/low-pressure cleaning.

Technical building service 

Functioning technical equipment is essential for the smooth operation of any premises. Staff at Piepenbrock, experts in the areas of electrical engineering, ventilation and air-conditioning installation, sanitary and heating systems, as well as building services management, are responsible for the customer's facility management. The company supports its customers as a full-time service partner, as well as with maintenance packages for technical building services.

Inspection service 

Inspection services from Piepenbrock provide the customer with security. The company carries out periodic inspections of the electrical installations, doors and gates, ladders, steps and shelving. Whether it's provision 3 of the German Social Accident Insurance (previously BGV A3), DIN EN 15635, German Social Accident Insurance Information 208-016 or ASR A1.7 (previously BGR 232) – the experts at Piepenbrock are familiar with all standards and can guarantee the legally-compliant operation of machinery, installations and utilities.

Preventive maintenance 

"Prevention is better than cure" is the Piepenbrock motto when it comes to maintenance. Preventive maintenance measures are used by the experts to reduce the number of unplanned machine standstills and optimise the reliability and availability of technical equipment and installations. Taking a proactive approach means servicing, inspection, repair and improvement all from the one source; namely Piepenbrock.

Maintenance on call 

Companies who organise their own maintenance are supported by Piepenbrock, where necessary, with personnel and know-how – preventive servicing and inspection plans are determined, or measures are taken to rectify machine failure or staff shortages. The advantage with Piepenbrock: Experts at the facility management service provider are familiar with the most varied of machinery and manufacturers.

Machine tool service 

The maintenance of machine tools is in good hands at Piepenbrock. The company specialises in services for all established machining centres, turning, milling and grinding machines, boring machines, presses, sawing, stamping and cutting machinery, straightening machines and electroplating plants.

Service on behalf of the manufacturer 

Piepenbrock takes care of customer services for machine and plant manufacturers across Germany. The facility management expert carries out servicing measures, repairs faults and replaces components and assemblies. In addition to a comprehensive customer service, machine installation, disassembly and reassembly are also included in the range of services.

Machine removals 

As part of its maintenance concept, Piepenbrock provides services such as disassembly and reassembly, industrial installations and machine removal all from the one source. The company accepts sole responsibility for removal projects. From disassembly and loading to installation and initial setup at the new site – Piepenbrock will develop and reliably implement an appropriate concept.

Maintenance consulting 

Piepenbrock analyses the maintenance processes of its customers with regard to efficiency, sustainability and strategy. Suggestions for improvement are made for areas with optimisation potential, while concrete measures are implemented and incorporated into an existing strategy.

Customer benefits: Our success in maintenance services

You can rely on the maintenance services from Piepenbrock. Benefit from our skilled workers, our speed of action, our flexibility and cost-efficiency!

Skilled workers who know their trade
Our qualified employees are the company's trump card. Piepenbrock has a large pool of its own skilled workers, who have years of experience in carrying out industrial services. With our experienced electricians, mechanics and mechatronic engineers, you will be in good hands.

High quality of workmanship with optimum cost-benefit ratio
We provide you with a high-quality, efficient and sustainable maintenance concept. Transparently designed, so that you are always aware of costs incurred. Our tried-and-tested tools and processes ensure this will be a profitable venture for your business.

Fast, flexible and highly efficient
We are there for you when you need our support. Our employees will be ready within no time at all, to provide you with top-quality maintenance services across Germany. The comprehensive technical competence of our mobile teams ensures efficient solutions are provided.

Independent expertise
We provide support without any affiliation to specific manufacturers. Our employees are experts in dealing with a multitude of machines and installations. And we are more than happy to share this expertise with you.

Proactive approach
Our motto is "action, not reaction". Piepenbrock's expert workforce reduce the number of unplanned standstills to a minimum and optimise the availability of your machinery thanks to a clear-sighted maintenance management Approach.

Memberships and certificates

Piepenbrock is represented in industrial and trade associations, and actively contributes to the dialogue in its field. Company representatives are involved in the:

  • Gesellschaft für Instandhaltung e. V. (GFIN) (Maintenance society in Germany)
  • Forum Vision Instandhaltung e. V. (FVI) (Maintenance association in Germany)
  • Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI) (Association of German engineers)
  • Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) (German institute for standards)

The company is thus aiming to provide its customers with services that are increasingly efficient and more customer-oriented. It also enjoys close cooperation with renowned research institutes.

Certified to the customer's advantage

All certifications and approvals required by a modern and customer-oriented maintenance management concept are brought on board by Piepenbrock. The purpose of these formalities is to maintain a consistently high standard of quality and to continually improve processes. The maintenance service provide by Piepenbrock has:

  • a quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001:2015,
  • an environmental management scheme according to DIN ISO 14001:2004,
  • approval as a specialist company according to the Water Resources Act (WHG) and
  • qualified persons/professionals in accordance with the regulation on safety and health (BetrSichV), VDI 6022, VDI 6023, DIN EN 15635 and DGUV provision 3

Piepenbrock as complete solutions provider in facility management

Piepenbrock provides facility management services from a single source. Are you looking for maintenance services, and are also interested in facility management, cleaning services or security services too? Then we are the people to talk to. Benefit from the synergies that we, as a comprehensive multiple-service provider, can offer. What can we do for you? Contact us today!