Security services from Piepenbrock – Reliable and professional

With its comprehensive expertise and skilled workforce, Piepenbrock is your professional partner for all things security-related. Those service providers who work at the very heart of the company are the ones who need to be selected carefully. The quality of the service and the relationship with the service partners play a decisive role in their selection.

With its subsidiaries "Piepenbrock Security Services" and "Deutscher Schutz und Wachdienst (DSW)" (German protection and security), Piepenbrock is one of the market leaders in the security industry. As a long-standing partner for all things aviation, from the protection of government facilities to the security service for banks and industrial facilities, the company has established itself on the market and acquired renowned customers.

Rely on the security solutions and expertise of Piepenbrock. Find out more about the our security services. Benefit from our network of branches across Germany, our trained personnel and the field-related cooperation partners of the Piepenbrock Group. Do you want to know more about our services? Then get in touch with us today!

Reliable protection for premises, facilities, people and events

Security services are provided to protect premises, facilities, people or events. Piepenbrock boasts a comprehensive range of security services. On the one hand, protecting against property damage, burglary or theft, on the other preventing fire and water damage, and maintaining in-house order. Basic security tasks include specific guard services in buildings and properties, incoming and outgoing checks, or alarm activation at the Piepenbrock emergency and service control centre.

Our security services for you

You benefit from field-tested, coherent overall concepts. Whether the classic guard services, security analysis and consultation, airport security or the activation of an alarm at our emergency and service control centre – we have the right service for you! We can provide you with tailored solutions for your building and company premises. Furthermore, we have tailored solutions for event protection and site supervision. Piepenbrock security services is your ideal partner when it comes to individual security solutions appropriate to requirements.


Emergency and service control centre 

Our emergency and service control centre in Berlin delivers a coherent security concept, combining reliable technology with qualified personnel. The alarm intervention centre, certified in accordance with the European standard EN 50518 and VdS 3138, corresponds to the latest technical standards for alarm tracking. Connect your burglar and hold-up detection systems, fire alarms or elevator emergency calls to us. Incoming alarms will be processed by us immediately. Our on-site intervention services will check and clarify the situation in an emergency.

Plant and building security 

Classic examples of security services in facility management: plant and building security. Our specially trained security employees ensure your company, premises and merchandise are reliably guarded. Our presence is effective in preventing vandalism, arson, theft, burglary and property damage. We guard public buildings, commercial buildings and industrial facilities, as well as train stations and airports.

Reception and doorman services 

Our reception and doorman service will make a professional first impression on your customers, employees and visitors. Piepenbrock's employees check and register all vehicles, people and goods that come and go, thus providing the necessary security. Multi-lingual telephone services, as well as secretarial and postal services, are also included in our service portfolio. We cordially receive your guests and work reliably – for example, in company or public authority buildings, industrial or commercial properties.

Patrol duty 

The ideal security concept includes two core components: optimum security systems and, more importantly, the watchful eyes of our Piepenbrock patrol officers on site. Our security employees are in permanent contact with our emergency and service control centre, are qualified to make quick decisions and correctly react to the situation at hand. On request, we can provide assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Event protection with mobile access control 

Events, especially those that attract large crowds, hide a multitude of dangers. Criminals need to be deterred and the opportunity to commit a crime prevented. A reliable partner is required and this is where Piepenbrock Security Services comes in. We check the entrance to the event grounds with help from our mobile checkpoints, manage visitor flows, secure the surrounding environment and carry out any personal security tasks. We also provide trade fair services and stand security, while also making sure fire prevention measures are met.

Security technology 

The procurement of modern security technology is an investment in the security of your buildings and facilities. Our close collaboration with Telefonbau Arthur Schwabe (TAS), specialist for security and communication technology, represents a practical merging of man and technology. TAS is a manufacturer and contractor for communication, security and building technology. Together with our partners, we have one aim: as a customer, you should benefit from a complete package of services, ranging from system installation to technical maintenance, to intervention in the event of an alarm.

Aviation security 

International air transport is exposed to a multitude of threats. Anyone who works in this industry or uses it for business purposes, is obligated in accordance with the valid EU legislation to fend off any external threats. An important link in the Piepenbrock Security Services chain is the Deutsche Schutz- und Wachdienst (DSW/German protection and security), which specialises in special requirements pertaining to aviation safety and airport security. As a private service provider, the company works on behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and also the respective aviation authorities, checking passengers, hand luggage, baggage, air mail and air freight.

Basic training & further training 

The quality of the security services provided always depends on the people involved, which is why we only employ first-class professionals who are motivated and socially competent. In our own Piepenbrock Academy, we not only train our own personnel, but also employees from other companies. Our basic and further training offers correspond to the strict requirements of EU regulation 2015/1998 and the ICC. We can provide further training for aviation security assistance, aviation security personnel, as well as access controls, and offer training programmes from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for skilled workers, as well as protection and security service personnel. In addition to providing participants with specialised knowledge, our seminars convey soft skills such as leadership behaviour, interpersonal skills, conflict management and customer care.

Customer benefits: Our success in security services

A collaboration with Piepenbrock has many advantages. You can count on the services of our qualified and reliable employees, as well as our comprehensive certification. Benefit from our nationwide network of branches, and our close proximity to you as a result. Prepare to be impressed by our wealth of expertise, rigorously kept up-to-date by our Service Centre in Osnabrück and by our membership in technical and industry associations.

Qualified employees
Competent personnel is the key to an optimum performance. The quality of the security services provided always depends on the people involved. Only a team of first-class security professionals who are motivated and socially competent can ensure the desired results are achieved. We take great care to only take on applicants who are qualified and capable. In addition, our employees receive in-house training in all specialist areas and are regularly provided with further training. Piepenbrock creates an attractive working environment for its staff, which serves as a basis for great performance. We are thus in a position to offer services you can rely on.


Certified quality
Certification according to ISO 9001:2015 and safety standard DIN 77200 in the highest performance level are indications of the high quality of services implemented. Our modern emergency and service control centre in Berlin is certified according to DIN EN 50518 and VdS 3138. Our airport and aviation security services comply with the requirements of DIN EN 16082. The continuous development of our standards is par for the course in our efforts to provide you with a top service. We are thus in a position to prepare premium concept solutions and successfully put these into practice.


Customer proximity
Customer proximity is very important to Piepenbrock. We have a network of branches stretching across Germany, thus boasting a nationwide presence. We are in a position to provide you with services on-site, without compromising our high standard of quality. The security centres of excellence for our regional units also play a role here. Our flexible HR management system, implemented nationwide, guarantees a quick response from our professionals who are quick to join you on site.


Field-related cooperation partners
We are actively involved in high-performance networks, to ensure that you receive the latest expert information. Our active membership in technical and industry associations, such as the German Federal Association for the Security Industry (BDSW), the Association for Economic Security (VSW) and the BHE Federal Association for Safety Technology, guarantees a constant stream of information.


Security consulting and security concepts
We have years of experience to rely on when it comes to building security – and are more than happy to share this experience with others. We will create risk analyses and come up with ways in which hazard potentials can be eliminated. Our employees will be happy to go through the benefits to collaborating with Piepenbrock Security Services, working out solutions that are designed to meet your specific requirements.


Security consulting and security concepts

We have years of experience to rely on when it comes to building security – and are more than happy to share this experience with others. We will create risk analyses and come up with ways in which hazard potentials can be eliminated. Our employees will be happy to go through the benefits to collaborating with Piepenbrock Security Services, working out solutions that are designed to meet your specific requirements.

Contact and further information

Do you require further information? Get in touch with us today and request an individual offer for our security services. Our employees will be more than happy to advise you further. Are you interested in facility management? We are a complete solutions provider in facility management and also provide maintenance and winter service!