Our facility management services

A quick look at all we offer

Is it even possible to have the facility management for buildings, facilities and grounds entirely covered? Yes, it is! A call to Piepenbrock is all it takes. We can provide you with the whole range of facility management services. Tailored specifically to meet your requirements.

Our cleaning services will ensure your buildings are spotlessly clean and your machinery and equipment maintained to the highest technical standard. We provide security services that will keep your property, events and people safe. We could go on ... but why don't you see for yourself:

Facility Management im Heizungskeller
  • Facility Management

    We'll ensure your buildings and facilities are perfectly maintained in a tip-top technical condition. And, while we're at it, we'll take care of the administration and management too. Find out more about our facility management services!

    This includes:

    • Technical facility management
    • Infrastructural facility management
    • Commercial facility management
    • Caretaker services
    • Helpdesk
Cleaning Services - counter
  • Cleaning service

    Whether indoors or out in the fresh air – we'll clean up any mess. Using professional methods and environmentally friendly cleaning agents, there is no cleaning task we won't take on.

    There is a reason why we are Germany's leading provider of cleaning services. Our team of talented and reliable cleaning staff could have something to do with it. The high standard of quality met by our Piepenbrock employees means you can expect nothing less than spotlessly clean. Your property retains it value and your customers and employees feel comfortable on your premises. Find out more about our cleaning service:

    This includes:

    • Basic cleaning
    • Floor cleaning
    • Contract cleaning
    • Façade cleaning
    • Window cleaning
    • Window cleaning
    • Office cleaning
    • Construction cleaning
    • Specialised cleaning
    • Exterior cleaning
    • Dishwashing service
    • Transport cleaning
    • Hygienic cleaning
    • Daytime cleaning
Piepenbrock Mitarbeiter führt Instandhaltung in einer Maschine durch
  • Maintenance

    Are you looking for a smooth-running maintenance service? Then talk to us. With our network of maintenance centres across Germany and a workforce of skilled employees, we can guarantee the reliability of your production processes. Find out more about our maintenance services.

    This includes:

    • Industrial service
    • Machine maintenance
    • Industrial cleaning
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Service on behalf of the manufacturer
    • Machine tool service
    • Maintenance consultation
    • Maintenance outsourcing
Sicherheit mit Piepenbrock
  • Security services

    Don't leave the security of your business to chance – leave it to us. We can provide reliable protection for your building, facilities or events, even people. 24/7 if necessary and with alarm activation. Find out more about our security services.

    This includes:

    • Alarm activation
    • Factory security
    • Building security
    • Reception and doorman service
    • Patrol duty
    • Construction site surveillance
    • Event protection
    • Security technology
    • Aviation security
    • Security training
Eine Mitarbeiterin schließt die DGUV-V3-Prüfung ab
  • Industrial safety checks

    Industrial safety checks save lives. Our experts will regularly check your premises, taking care of everything this involves. We'll make sure that your company is as safe as can be. Find out more about our industrial safety checks.

    This includes:

    • DGUV–V3 check
    • Inspection of electrical installations
    • Inspection of electrical machinery
    • VDE inspection
    • Rack inspections
    • Inspection of welding machinery
    • Blackboard inspections
    • Press inspection
Piepenbrock Mitarbeiterin führt eine Energieberatung durch
  • Energy management

    Have you ever asked yourself where your company could save energy? We'll show you how. Our energy management services optimise resource consumption in your buildings and facilities. Find out more about our energy management services.

    This includes:

    • Energy consulting
    • Energy audits and certifications
    • Smart services
Facility Management Consulting
  • FM consulting

    Almost all facility management solutions can be further optimised in some way. Taking a closer look, there will always be areas where efficiency can be improved or money saved. We will be happy to advise you here. Trust our experienced experts; they have a way of finding the right solution:
    Find out more about our FM consulting.

    This includes:

    • CAFM
    • Data collection
    • Warranty management
    • Implementation support and interim management
    • Facility management outsourcing
    • Project and concept development
Mitarbeiter der Piepenbrock Grünanlagenpflege schneiden eine Hecke
  • Groundskeeping

    Are you looking to make a good impression with your green spaces? We'll show you how. With plenty of green thumbs on our team, we're ready to take care of your gardens and landscaping requirements. Find out more about our groundskeeping services.

    This includes:

    • Groundskeeping
    • Garden maintenance
    • Cleaning paved surfaces
    • Tree management
    • Maintenance of planting areas
    • Lawn maintenance
    • Hedgerow management
    • Roof greening
    • Indoor greenery and hydroponics maintenance
    • Safety of the premises
Piepenbrock Mitarbeiterin der Reinraumreinigung mit Schutzkleidung
  • Clean room cleaning

    Clean room cleaning is a sensitive task. It calls for perfection and extreme precision. Our experts receive regular training to ensure they deliver the best possible service in your clean rooms. We meet the requirements of the ISO 14644, VDI 2083, as well as the GMP guidelines. Find out more about our clean room cleaning.

    This includes:

    • Contract cleaning
    • Air lock service
    • Specialised cleaning
    • Clean room training and coaching
Planung des Technischen Gebäudemanagement auf dem Tablet
  • Technical facility management

    We are here to help – either as a full-service provider or your contractual partner for individual tasks. Our skilled workers, master craftsmen, technicians and engineers have the entire spectrum of technical facility management covered, according to GEFMA 100-2 (German Facility Management Association). They are the professionals for the servicing, inspection, maintenance and improvement of your building technology. Find out more about our technical facility management.

    This includes:

    • Ventilation and air-conditioning systems
    • Sanitary and heating systems
    • Electrical building installation
    • Building services management
    • Services under contract
    • Helpdesk
Räumfahrzeug des Piepenbrock Winterdienst befreit Gehwege und Straße
  • Winter service

    Ensure the safety of your premises during the cold months of the year. With our winter service, your roads, walkways, operational areas and stairwells will be safe to use in any season. A service that is available around the clock if preferred. Protecting employees, customers and passers-by. Find out more about our winter service.

    This includes:

    • The removal of road grit and ice
    • Clearance and displacement of snow
    • Temporary assumption of winter service
    • Snow-clearing services and road gritting beyond what is legally required, 24-hour support
    • Dimensioning, data acquisition and the creation of clearance and gritting plans
    • Delivery of additional grit
    • Delivery, filling and cleaning of grit containers