Facility Management from Piepenbrock: We understand buildings

Facility Management and Facility Services take place at the very heart of a company – in the administration, management and optimisation of properties. When customers outsource their secondary services for integrated facility management, they need a strong partner who can be trusted and who acts transparently. Piepenbrock Facility Management guarantees legally sound real estate and property management. The facility management service provider takes responsibility for the following:

  • Technical facility Management
  • Infrastructural facility Management
  • Commercial facility Management
  • Helpdesk with integrated emergency service control centre
  • Energy consulting and energy Management
  • Caretaker services

Services for your building and grounds: With a comprehensive network of branches stretching across Germany, we are in a position to provide solutions for clients who enjoy a strong local presence, as well as major customers with more far-reaching contacts. We bundle and combine services to ensure customers receive their ideal package, all from the one source in keeping with our motto of "one face to the customer". Do you wish to benefit from our sustainable services in facility management? Then get in touch with us today!

Facility Management at Piepenbrock increases productivity

The customer should be free to concentrate on the main issues at hand – and not get caught up in the supporting framework. This is where Piepenbrock comes in, an expert in facility management for whom secondary processes are an important part of the job. Our core business is the economic, ecological and social organisation of real estate and properties for our clients. The key words here are workplace design, value retention and profitability. Piepenbrock thus ensures increased productivity and greater success on the market for you.

Customer proximity at Piepenbrock

Solutions need to be quick and simple. This applies both for the customer with individual, regional locations and the customer with a nationwide organisation of branches. Piepenbrock has built up a close-knit network of 70 branches and 800 locations across Germany, facilitating the quick and flexible implementation of its many services to the highest standard of quality. Today, Piepenbrock Facility Management already looks after more than 26,000 building technology systems and machines in more than 5,000 customer premises. The majority of the services are carried out by Piepenbrock itself, employing almost 27,100 workers in Germany for this purpose. Because only when facility management expertise is combined with a high proportion of personal involvement can success be achieved sustainably and comparably at the different locations.
The contribution from Piepenbrock is what drives performance. Even when selecting our employees, we make sure that a high standard of personal and professional requirements are met. The result? Not only have a large number of the 10,000 plus customers remained loyal to Piepenbrock over the years, but our employees have also rewarded our concept with long years of service.

A fixed partner for all facility management tasks

Would you prefer to concentrate on key tasks, rather than spend time coordinating the many service providers? Then look no further than Piepenbrock and our "one face to the customer" concept. You have a fixed partner for the premises, leaving you free to concentrate on other things – at any of your locations.

The Key Account Manager from Piepenbrock manages and coordinates all facility service tasks. Quality management thus plays a very important role: together with a customer-appointed contact, performance values are evaluated during regular project meetings. Based on a customer-specific reporting system, the current situation is analysed, hidden potential identified and optimization measures determined. In this way, both you and your customers benefit from our extensive experience in facility management.

Reliability and commitment

The key to superb services lies in reliable and binding action – especially when it comes to preserving value, securing property and managing important secondary processes. Reliability needs to be demonstrated every day in order for a relationship of trust to be established. And you can rely on what we promise. This is the philosophy practised by our employees, from service to managerial levels. All evaluations and analyses from the quality assurance meetings, as well as the proactive customer satisfaction surveys carried out by Piepenbrock's own Customer Relationship Management department, are personally reviewed by management. Direct feedback is used as an early warning system and enables us to respond quickly. In this way, we can confirm your trust in our company and set the foundation for long-term partnership – with success, as our above-average contract period of more than ten years shows.

Our services for you in facility management

Facility Management stands for comprehensive building management services across all life cycles. Piepenbrock covers the entire spectrum of services in accordance with DIN EN 15221, with a consistent focus on your requirements. We identify unused potential and work together with you to determine requirements. The best way to create synergies is to combine as many services as possible. We thus not only offer technical, infrastructural and commercial facility management assistance, but also the comprehensive implementation of your integrated facility services.

Technical facility management

How can we help strengthen your productivity and that of your employees in the workplace? We take care of the maintenance, planning and operation of the entire technical infrastructure of your facilities, for example your technical installations and equipment. When it comes to real estate and property management, many users are faced with ever increasing, complex challenges with regards technology. As your professional partner in technical facility management, Piepenbrock provides the ideal management concept for your buildings and properties. We are there to provide you with master craftsmen, technicians and engineers whenever you need them.

Infrastructural facility management

There is no second chance when it comes to a first impression. Which is why we not only ensure a consistently clean appearance but also the long-term retention of your property's value. A service that precisely meets your individual requirements, together with profitable solutions for all properties, have made us the leading facility management service provider in Germany. Our portfolio of services ranges from contract cleaning, window cleaning and façade cleaning to caretaker services, park maintenance and winter services, as well as special services and specialised cleaning.

Commercial facility management

Our focus is on the profitable aspects of facility management. In commercial facility management, our experts take over management of your properties. This involves all controlling services, building management, contract management and contracting to inventory data acquisition, the invoicing of operating costs, insurance and property accounting. The focus throughout is on cost transparency and efficiency.

Caretaker service

The caretaker service largely covers the supervision of your property. As a reliable facility management service provider, we can provide you with trained personnel, such as technicians and caretakers, who are primarily responsible for the cleanliness, safety and correct functioning of your equipment and installations. Also included here are the smaller jobs of supervision, maintenance and repair.

Energy consulting and energy management

Recognising the energy-saving potential, increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption – these are the goals during energy consultations. We optimise the energy supply in your buildings and facilities, while keeping a close eye on user-friendliness, availability and service life. A Piepenbrock auditor trained according to ISO 50001 and EN 16247 can provide advice on everything from planning, design and project management, energy audit and certification, to energy controlling and monitoring. If you wish, we will be more than happy to implement the necessary energy-saving measures.

Customer benefits: Our success in facility management

„One face to the customer“
Everything from the one source: We can provide you with a fixed partner for the duration of the contract, a central point of contact for all services. This person guarantees that your core processes run smoothly.

Speaking the same language
You expect us to understand your expectations. This works best when we are familiar with your situation and can provide the necessary expertise. Thanks to our dense network of subsidiaries, we are in a position to offer you professional assistance at your company location. Our employees are no strangers to the local dialect, customs and requirements because they come from the region too.

Reliable partnership

We know from experience that the most successful long-term partnerships are built on trust, commitment and transparency. This is why we provide you with the opportunity to view the status of your contract at any time. One of the reasons why our customers have remained loyal to the company for an average of more than 10 years.

Taking responsibility
With Piepenbrock at your side, you are free to concentrate on the success of your business. You can rest assured that we always have the preservation of your properties, buildings and facilities in mind.

Memberships and certificates

We are constantly developing our services for our customers, to be more sustainable and efficient. Piepenbrock Facility Management thus meets the following requirements:

  • Nationwide certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Execution of orders according to DIN 31051 – particularly in technical facility Management
  • Order-related certification according to ISO 14001 for special requirements
  • Piepenbrock Emergency and Service Control Centre certification according to EN 50518 and VdS 3138

Keeping our customers in mind, we are constantly looking for ways to optimise the quality of our services. This involves our participation in the following networks:

Piepenbrock provides comprehensive solutions for facility management

Our comprehensive and integrated facility management concept provides all the facility services required by your property – from a single source and with plenty of in-house involvement. We create cost and performance synergies by networking our services and managing them according to the principle of "one face to the customer". With a passion for service stretching back more than 100 years, we are your professional partner in facility management. Do you want to know more about our services in maintenancecleaning services and winter services? If you are looking to concentrate on your core business, then we are the people to talk to. Get in touch today!