Park maintenance in professional hands – Cultivation services from Piepenbrock

Piepenbrock tailors its park maintenance services to the wishes and requirements of the customer. In addition to fulfilling legal obligations, such as ensuring the safety of the premises or inspecting trees, the professional service provider also looks after all things garden and landscape: What is the ideal concept for the customer's requirements, considering the plants, shrubbery and trees available? Are there traffic areas that need to be maintained or redesigned? How often do the paved or asphalted areas need to be swept and weeded? Which areas would ideally benefit from wind protection and privacy? How should the different areas be cordoned off? The safe accessibility of both the green and grey areas also plays an important role. With its landscapers and gardeners, master gardeners, designers and arborists, Piepenbrock is the right partner for your park maintenance requirements - anywhere in Germany. Reliability and sustainability are guaranteed, with services meeting the requirements ofISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Providing certified training, Piepenbrock employs qualified workers who are constantly improving their skills with the Piepenbrock Academy. Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you wish to find out more about our attractive park maintenance and cleaning Services!

Living spaces designed by Piepenbrock

First impressions are made before the customer sets foot inside the building. Customers, employees and suppliers should be made to feel welcome as soon as they arrive on the grounds. Maintenance of the gardens and landscape plays an important part in making sure business gets off to a pleasant start. Piepenbrock maintains and designs living spaces that not only feel like home to the people using them, but also where flora and fauna flourish. We maintain and develop your green areas with care and plenty of expertise.  For garden/landscape maintenance, Piepenbrock subtly adapts green areas to the overall image of the client, using appropriately styled elements and designs coordinated with corporate identity. Maintenance of the gardens and landscape not only has a social, but also an economic, impact. Carried out in accordance with DIN 18919, this work thus ensures both the garden and landscape are functionally designed and maintained. This is the basis on which Piepenbrock defines both form and function, and according to which the standards are set. The frequency with which the work is carried out is coordinated with the customer, for example to ensure lawn and tree maintenance efforts meet expectations. Resulting in a concept with both favourable costs and benefits.

Confirmed quality: Expertise from the one source

Piepenbrock provides park maintenance services with proven quality. The company is certified nationwide according to ISO 9001:2015 and order-related according to ISO 14001:2015. Customers can thus rest assured they will receive first-class maintenance services – at all locations, to the same high standard.

In several regions, Piepenbrock is prequalified. This has considerable advantages for the client during the tender process, reducing the workload. Whereas earlier certificates and documents needed to be enclosed as appendices with the tender, today Piepenbrock regularly stores all necessary documentation with the recognised qualification body GVGW CERT GmbH. Here, the client can view all landscaping documents using the registration number for Piepenbrock. For example, there are references, certificates of registration, business registrations, certificates of non-objection and other certifications. We are more than happy to provide further information about our prequalification, get in touch today!

Brightening up the landscape with grey services

In addition to landscaping, those "grey areas" also play an important role in the impact of your grounds. The asphalted or paved areas should appear clean, tidy and well-maintained. As an expert for park maintenance, both modern methods and high-performance machinery are used to meet individual requirements for the cleaning of surfaced areas. The following surfaced areas are optimally maintained for a kaleidoscope of green and grey:

  • Roads and access roads
  • Pathways
  • Parking areas and spaces
  • Loading and unloading bays
  • Building entrances, side entrances and emergency Exits
  • Entrances and exits to parking levels and underground parking#
  • Delivery areas and loading ramps
  • Other yard and manoeuvring spaces

Piepenbrock will keep your grey areas clean. Whether sweeping by hand or with machinery – we are diligent in ensuring dirt does not accumulate. Stubborn stains caused by chewing gum, oil, grease, paint or even wild herbs, are removed from waterbound areas and botanical access ways. Our focus is thus always on the environment. We also empty waste containers and replace bin bags. We clean the chutes and gullies to ensure drainage systems function as they should. Equipped with the latest technology and a team of qualified employees, we guarantee your safety – leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.

Your duty of care is in safe hands

The duty of care refers to the duty of the property owner to make the land or premises safe for persons or vehicles. If this duty is neglected, it can often lead to claims for damages. As one of the largest facility management service providers in Germany, Piepenbrock has the know-how and resources to ensure you are spared this concern. Avoid dealing with liability and cost risks that are difficult to plan by transferring this responsibility to Piepenbrock.

Piepenbrock specialises in the following park maintenance services:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Cutting trees
  • Hedge trimming
  • Professional pruning
  • Plant protection
  • Weeding
  • Fertilisation, as required
  • Reviving old gardens
  • Tree inspections
  • Tree removal
  • Removal of green waste
  • Playground checks
  • Sweeping
  • Inspection patrols
  • Checking manhole covers and kerbstones

Our park maintenance cleaning services for you

Piepenbrock has a comprehensive portfolio of services for your premises. Benefit from our expertise in fostering and caring for plants, shrubs and green areas.

Maintenance of planting areas 

Planting areas that have been upgraded with shrubs and ground cover, for example, require constant upkeep. Refuse, deadwood and foliage need to be removed, as does unwanted growth. We irrigate, fertilise and implement the necessary plant protection measures. Mulching, weeding and turning are further tasks involved in keeping your green areas ship shape. We also carry out any necessary pruning and repairs to a professional standard.

Tree maintenance 

Trees give life – once they are healthy and flourishing. We will inspect your trees according to the terms and guidelines for tree care (FLL/ZTV), fertilise and irrigate green areas, and meet plant protection requirements. Saplings are staked and tied. Tree cuttings and fellings are also included in our comprehensive range of tree maintenance.

Lawn maintenance  

Lawn maintenance is particularly important when it comes to keeping green areas in good condition. Weeds and moss are the natural enemies of healthy, green luscious grass. However, perfection can be achieved with hard work and expertise. Refuse and foliage must be consistently removed, with irrigation and fertilisation precisely coordinated. We aerate, scarify and professionally mow your lawn – ensuring that vision of a luscious green becomes reality.

Hedgerow management 

Hedgerows require regular maintenance. For an optimal density with few bare patches, regular professional trimming is essential. Piepenbrock provides a professional trimming service for hedgerows and shrubbery. We ensure the substance is retained, while breathing new life into its shape. We also free the hedgerows from refuse and foliage, and remove any unwanted growth from the bed. Specifically tailored irrigation, fertilisation and plant protection measures round off our professional approach.

Roof greening 

Green coverings on roofs have a positive impact on the local climate and the management of rainwater. With decades of experience to fall back on, our professionals shape and maintain extensive thin-layered compositions with substrates and drought-tolerant vegetation, as well as intensive soil structures that include trees. We remove foliage, refuse and unwanted growth, and we take care of the irrigation, fertilisation and plant protection. We keep your drainage systems free from obstructions and clean your firebreaks. Our mowing and cutting adds to the maintained appearance of your roof greening.

Indoor greenery and hydroponics maintenance 

Watering, fertilising and replanting - Piepenbrock is your experienced partner for indoor greenery and hydroponics maintenance. We ensure the plants in your traffic areas, offices and any other indoor areas flourish. We trim, maintain and revive your greenery.

Our success in park maintenance at a glance

A collaboration with Piepenbrock has many advantages. We are your contractual partner for the provision of services all over Germany. You can rely on us to coordinate all tasks – regardless of how many locations this involves. Save time and money by outsourcing your landscaping and park maintenance requirements, and benefit from a comprehensive standard of quality thanks to centralised management.

Certified services
We maintain your green areas according to ISO 9001 and order-related according to ISO 14001 – further qualifications apply depending on the location. We are also more than happy to provide further information about our prequalification, get in touch today!

Comprehensive service at all locations
Piepenbrock has a network of subsidiaries that stretches across Germany. Our professionals are thus located in close proximity to the customer and render our services with above-average involvement. If we need to use subcontractors, these service providers are selected according to strict criteria and are generally partners with whom we have already worked for some time.

"State of the art": Personnel and machinery
Qualified personnel render our services using modern and comprehensive machinery. Our employees are professionally trained according to the latest requirements: they receive regular training in cooperation with the Piepenbrock Academy. We have a range of modern machinery, designed to meet all requirements and ensure efficient service.

Legally protected
You can rest assured that we will ensure your duty of care is covered. We will take care of the maintenance and make sure all legal restrictions, such as municipal tree preservation and the federal law on nature protection in Germany (BNatSchG), are met. You are always on the safe side with us!

Piepenbrock provides comprehensive solutions for building management

Piepenbrock is a market leader in Germany's facility management sector. In addition to professional park maintenance, we offer highly specialised services such as winter services, contract cleaning, security services and maintenance. Major contracts are managed according to the principle of "one face to the customer": a fixed contact partner is your point of coordination for all maintenance groups. Do you require 24-hour protection? Then our "24/7 Helpdesk", with its connection to our emergency and service control centre, is the perfect solution. To organise your reliable building maintenance services today, call or send us an E-Mail.

Contact and further information

Piepenbrock provides facility management services from a single source. Are you looking for park maintenance services, and are also interested in facility management, cleaning services or security services too? Then we are the people to talk to. Benefit from the synergies that we, as a comprehensive multiple-service provider, can offer. What can we do for you? Contact us today!